The world annual conference of Apple developers was held several days ago and its new developments such as new versions of iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook, updated versions of operating systems, and HomePod column were presented at this event.


As for the innovations, the Intelligent Tracking Prevention technology will protect your privacy when it comes to intrusive advertising and monitoring of search terms. Nowadays security and convenience of Safari browser are key points and they will continue to improve. Developers will change and reform the apps “Mail” and “Photos” in the new version and new tools for editing will be made available for the users. In addition, device support for virtual reality will be the essential innovation in the new OS. Currently, developers have access to the new OS, and as for the users, it would be available in Fall of 2017.


A whole array of updates for sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts will be added in the new version of the operating system for Apple Watch. The main goal of the app Activity is to motivate the user to be more active and agile. Such innovations like a new system of achievements, playlists synchronization, and coupling with other devices through NFC module have been added to this program. Siri messages will be displayed by the clock and design elements will be also changed.

IOS 11

A new app ARKit was introduced at the event; it is intended for software developers and is aimed at making apps with the function of augmented reality. In fact, the practical application of ARKit is doubtful today, but the ability to transfer virtual objects to the real world using iPhone and iPad sounds good.

A range of improvements was made in iOS 11 regarding its appearance, apps, and Siri. As for iMessage, it was further developed in terms of the synchronization between devices and developers made sure that deleted messages would be removed on all devices at once. Besides, Apple Pay will be accessible through iMessage.

Siri will wise up and will give more attention to the habits of the user and a new, useful option of translator will be available. English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish are currently supported. Russian will be added later.

Certain changes have been made regarding photos. Now the codec JPEG will replace the codec HEVC and the important thing is the improvement in the quality of photos. As for the size of files, on the contrary, it will decrease. Such apps as “Photos,” “Maps,” and App Store have been updated.


Faster SSD and Kaby Lake processors of the new generation will be launched on laptops. The new displays will be attached to the updated version of iMac, and the brightness of these displays has been increased by 43%. In addition, they will be provided with Kaby Lake new processors of the seventh generation. Developers have improved the memory capacity in computers and now 25.5-inch version will be equipped with a different capacity of RAM up to 32GB and 27-inch version up to 64GB. Besides, the 27-inch version will be provided with new, fast storage with a capacity of up to 2 TB. The graphic accelerator Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 with 64MB Edram will be installed on iMac of 21.5-inch; for iMac Retina 4K of 21.5-inch—Radeon Pro 555 & 560, up to 4GB VRAM. The users of 27-inch version will have an opportunity to choose among Radeon 570, 575, and 580. Thanks to this filling, computers will be able to deal with virtual reality perfectly. Prices for new models will start from $1099.


Such innovations as iMac Pro with the 8-core Xeon processor and powerful video solutions up to 16GB VRAM were introduced later. The computer will be provided with four-port Thunderbolt 3 and FaceTime camera. Moreover, a specially designed cooling system is one more option that will be added to iMac Pro. The maximum capacity of ECC memory will be 128GB, and storage with a capacity of up to 4TB will be available to store information. Price tags for novelty will start from $4999.

IMac Pro will appear for sale in December 2017.


The size of the case of a new iPad Pro is almost the same as in the 9.7-inch version, but the weight is only 400gm. Furthermore, the display diagonal of the new iPad was enlarged to 10.5-inch while the frame reduced to 40%. You can see a 6-core A10X Fusion processor and 12-core graphics chip in the novelty. As for the cameras, they are identical to the cameras of iPhone 7, so the new iPad will provide an opportunity to take awesome pictures. The memory capacity will start from 64GB, and the tablet will appear for sale in a week.


Moreover, a wireless “smart” column was one more thing introduced at the event. The 16-centimeter device has seven speakers, including a 4-centiemter subwoofer. The construction and layout of speakers is designed in such a way that the sound stream is formed correctly and there is an opportunity to avoid interference by ensuring high-quality reproduction. The parameters of the room will be defined by the column and it will adjust to the situation, based on the obtained data. You don’t have to connect it to other devices—the column deals with this itself, working with Apple Music app through WiFi.

The price of the device is $349, and the start of sales is scheduled for December of this year.