With progress comes change. While the first programming languages were both complicated and hard to use, developers have endeavored to make simpler languages without compromising capability and features. Now, there are over a thousand languages to choose from, but each language has its own purpose—which is why choosing a language should always be dependent on what one hopes to achieve. But if you ask us, here are our top three picks:


A superset of C Language, Objective-C is a static language that programmers use for developing applications for OS X and iOS. While it was inspired by Python, this language elevates the programming experience by allowing developers to create features specifically crafter for Apple operating systems. It’s easy to learn and explain—making applications that much easier to understand.


Java is another dynamic programming language—which is why it earns a spot on our favorites list. It is mainly used for Android applications and video games, making it an important part of the technological world. At the heart of almost every Android application is a Java code.

Like our first pick, Java is also easy to understand because of its simple syntax. It works across various platforms, and is compatible with almost every device known to man—some programs are even dependent on this code for functionality.


Python is one of the most straightforward programming languages. It uses simple language and promotes code readability for users. While it was developed in 1991 as an automated language—one that gathers information and analyzes it—it has become among the top used languages in the world.

We love this language because it compatible with so many other ones. It can be used in conjunction with Java, Ruby, and more. It is mainly used for web services, data science, machine learning, and metaprogramming, among others.


While all programming languages have their own specific purposes, we find that these three are the most dynamic. They work across various platforms, without compromising aesthetics and functionality. While our team of experts may use other languages as supplements, these three languages remain our favorites. Happy coding, everyone!