Among the United Perfectum people – developers, managers, analysts – there are so many women, who are wonderful experts in what they do. Every year at the beginning of spring we congratulate them on International Women’s Day and celebrate the holiday together, trying to create a perfect day for our girls. 

This year the day began with a very welcome glass of champagne and chocolate eclairs, greetings and pleasant toasts, dances and taking pictures while waiting for the elevator. We were ready to do anything to create a festive mood for the United Perfectum girls. 

The holiday spirit followed the girls on every floor. The guys in their best suits prepared a dozen designer cocktails and didn’t let the glasses get empty. Fresh flowers and sweets magically appeared on the tables all day long.

In the evening, we had a chance to listen to live music, a DJ set, and sing karaoke. The party lasted till midnight and even people from the nearby houses wanted to join in on our celebration.