This week, we are going to delve into four more programming languages. There are more programming languages now than ever, which is why you must know about the most important ones. When our team receives a project, these are the programming languages that we choose from—we know which one is best for your specific needs. But that’s not enough; we want you to know about them, too.


This programming language, developed by Microsoft, runs on the .NET Framework. To make life easier for programmers, Microsoft developed this language based on C and C++; thus, programmers are able to master this language faster. While this language is mainly used for building Microsoft software, it can also be used on other operating systems.


Swift is used to program iOS and OS X applications. While it is fairly new to the market, Apple developed this language so that programmers can make applications easily without sacrificing features or quality. The Swift language works perfectly well with Objective-C. It is a static language that has little room for error and that will work on any Apple device.


Technically speaking, SQL is not a programming language because it is not built to develop applications or operating systems. Instead, SQL, read as sequel, was built to mediate between applications and databases. It is especially able to the manage data of applications that run on relatable database management systems.


In 2016, Scala grew in demand by 54%. Even though it is not as famous as the other languages, Scala is steadily rising in the ranks of in-demand languages because its integration with Java. Where Java fails, Scala comes to the rescue. This language was built as an upgrade of its predecessor—but one that still runs on Java VM, making it both useful and convenient.

Now that you know all about the top languages of 2017, the next time you have a project in mind, ask us what programming language we will use. Maybe you can learn more along the way! We look forward to hearing from you.