We have heard loud announcements about the future from IBM a few times before, so we know that the percentage of their correct predictions is always higher than incorrect.

Now the company has announced the list of five technologies and discoveries that would change our lives in just five years. According to this list, by 2022, we will face AI devices for health, super-powerful telescopes, and smart sensors. The fact is the profit of these discoveries will be evaluated in multiple domains, from the environment protection to questions surrounding our universe as a whole. Obviously, we are familiar already with the following technologies and innovations, however other discoveries might come up during the time interval in these predictions.

So read more about what kind of technologies we will face in five years. Take your notes to refer to them in 2022 and to check whether these predictions came true or not.

With the help of AI we will be able to diagnose an early stage of psychological diseases

The way a person talks tells a lot—you can easily recognize such emotions as fatigue, excitement, confusion, or sadness in your friend’s voice. During the process of evolution people have learn to identify the emotional spectrum, but what if the speech analysis technologies become more discerning than humans?

With the help of mobile application that will synchronize with AI cloud system, mental diseases such as Parkinson disease will be detected at the early stages, so we will have more time to fight them off. Even if the connection between the features of speech and symptoms of disease looks blurred right now, the experimental systems for accomplishing such functions have already been created. Scientists from the University of South Carolina have invented a program last year that is capable of comparing the speech word set of a healthy person with a set of depressed words.

New technologies and AI will present a “super vision” to people

Human eyes are masterpieces of evolution. IBM experts forecast that powerful small cameras will work in pairs with ultrafast systems to help people see literally more than is usually available to the human eye. Along with visible light, we will be able to see microwaves, millimeter waves, and even images of infrared spectrum range. This will happen in the form of a personal introscope—similar to the one being currently used for luggage scanning in the airports but much smaller. Thanks to a very compact device, which you can hold in your pocket, “super vision” will become a reality!

Some of these mentioned gadgets already exist. People suffering from color blindness and achromatopsia will have a chance to see the world in color with help of glasses EnChroma. Right now such technology is innovative and expensive, but in five years anybody can buy it.

In our next post, we will present another three predictions to further discuss the technologies that will facilitate our lives in five years.