Second face in Face ID, the password inspector and other innovations that make working with the gadget more convenient and enjoyable.

Smooth animation

It was mentioned at the presentation that iOS 12 is far more productive. Applications run faster, the camera and keyboard also open more quickly. Meanwhile, nothing was said about the animation of the interface, which became even smoother and more responsive; generally improving the user experience.

New gestures

What a wonderful present for us at WWDC this year! Thank you to all our friends at Apple for this great new API. #wwdc18

Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) 06/05 2018.

New gestures appear in iOS 12.  To close the application on the iPhone X, you do not need to hold your finger on the card – just swipe it up.

All the gestures from the iPhone X have been from the iPad. To switch applications you need to do a swipe at the bottom edge of the screen, and to return to the desktop – just swipe up. The “control point” was separated from the multivalued menu, and now it is pulled out from the upper right corner.

Second face in Face ID

The function everybody expected from the iPhone X presentation will appear in iOS 12. Users will be able to add an alternative appearance in the FaceID settings, which, in fact, is the second person. This will allow another person, for example a family member, to unlock your iPhone.

Recognition of one-time codes from SMS

IOS 12 has simplified the two-factor authorization when you log in to your account, online banking and other applications. Now you don’t have to remember the one-time code and constantly switch to “Messages” when you have to enter. The system automatically recognizes it from the SMS and prompts you to substitute it in the input field.

Autocomplete from third-party password managers

What a wonderful present for us at WWDC this year! Thank you to all our friends at Apple for this great new API. #1PasswordAutofill

1Password (@1Password) 06/05 2018.

Starting with iOS 11, the system automatically prompts you to enter the passwords stored in the Keychain not only in Safari, but in any other applications. In iOS 12, autocomplete also works for third-party password managers like 1Password.

Autofill passwords from nearby devices

With iOS 12, you do not have to manually enter the password on the iPhone when it’s logged in on the Mac, but it’s not on the smartphone. The new feature will allow you to use passwords from devices attached to one account that are nearby. With iOS on macOS and vice versa.

Password Inspector

When creating passwords in a system or applications, iOS 12 will automatically offer reliable options that will be immediately saved in the “Keychain”. When you enter passwords, the system will check their reliability and warn you if you use the same combination for all accounts.

Finding password with Siri

In the updated system, Siri has learned to work with passwords. At your request, the assistant will be able to show passwords from certain accounts added to the “Keychain”.

Siri got smarter

Now Siri knows much more about celebrities, food and sport competitions. Instead of apologies she can answer easily about products calorie or mention the World Cup schedule.

Critical notices

In iOS 12, Apple added critical notifications that will be displayed even in the “Do Not Disturb” mode. These include medical application messages and other health-related information.

Improved RAW photo support

Apple continues to expand its support for the RAW format. In iOS 12, users will be able to import photos from professional cameras on the iPhone and iPad. On the iPad Pro, you can even edit them in the Photos app.

In addition

Behind the scenes there are also a lot of minor, but pleasant innovations:

  1. In the “Control Point” appeared icon of the scanner QR-codes, with which you can immediately open the scan menu.
  2. In the morning on the locked screen iOS 12 a greeting message appears, accompanied by a brief summary of the weather.
  3. In the “Battery” menu, extended statistics appeared with a schedule of discharge and the time of use of the device.
  4. In the horizontal mode, Safari on iPhone now has a tab close icon.
  5. Pressing the shutter button while shooting a photo is now accompanied by a soft vibration.
  6. In Reachability mode, the incoming notification shifts down along with the screen, and does not stay above, as on iOS 11.
  7. In the “Notes” appeared an expanded palette of colors in the drawing mode.
  8. Updated the preview in the settings for displaying notifications.
  9. In the “Control Point” the animation for adjusting the brightness of the display has changed.