Server Support Services

Servers hold the vital data of your business and your clients. They manage the streams of information and files. Whether monitoring a server or adding a new one to your server bank, United Perfectum is here to help. The solutions to the most common issues are just a click away.

United Perfectum provides full support to entire lines of servers from global providers such as:

  • HP
  • Amazon
  • Linux
  • Windows Servers
  • Dell
  • Apple OS X

Server Support specialists

Reliability. Our team of IT server support is always ready to manage on-location projects or provide remote guidance. We continuously monitor and measure storage, memory, protocols, servers and other devices by using a combination of enterprise software tools.

This helps us to provide proper server management. We monitor web servers and applications performance for your customers 24/7.

Remote Server Support and Network Monitoring

United Perfectum's Server Support Systems watch metrics that indicate the server system state. When our tools detect a problem, the IT server support specialists are alerted to avoid downtime.

Server support services will help your business be stable, efficient, and have a predictable monthly server service expense. We will even monitor your client’s servers while you are away.


  • Web, E-mail, Data server management
  • Remote Access (VPN)
  • Establish and manage web hosting automation
  • Monitor core applications
  • Security audit for servers and networks

Solutions for your Datacenter and Server Performance – enables you to respond to a client’s alert in a timely manner.

United Perfectum is always ready to assist you or your vendors in troubleshooting the most complex issues. By choosing our server service, you can be sure that your servers perform flawlessly and are ahead of your competition.