Software QA and Testing Services

We offer every type of software quality assurance services to guarantee that your software, web, and mobile projects function exactly as you need them to. We anticipate and expose possible weak points and issues, apply solutions instead of patches, to make your products operate flawlessly.

It is our mission to ensure that the final product functions according to your requirements and specifications. United Perfectum is a quality assurance company with a high number of professionals in the QA field.

QA Services

 United Perfectum's QA team consists of detail-oriented engineers with vast experience in different areas of software development. Our reliable QA services include:

Automated testing

This is performed by means of a program without human intervention. Our QA outsourcing specialists develop scripts that accelerate the process of testing, increase efficiency, and issue notifications in case of errors.

Usability testing

One of the critical parts of our QA consulting involves actual users in testing the product. It provides important feedback about how well people can use the product or the system. This is critical in winning clients' approval and acceptance.

Stress testing

This helps to determine the ability of the program or website to remain stable under stressful conditions, e.g., simultaneous uploads, high traffic volume, and peak usage.

Functional testing

This is done to check whether the product meets the desired specifications and functional requirements stated in the development documentation. This will prove if the product aligns with your business idea and works as you had imagined it.

Compatibility testing

We check the consistency of the product with certain hardware and software, operating systems and/or network environments.

What our QA Testing team is dealing with

Our QA testing team is working on various projects:

  • Website and application testing
  • Mobile testing (Manual & Automatic)
  • Security testing
  • Regression testing
  • Verification testing
  • Test documentation design and creation

United Perfectum guarantees thorough testing for all software, web and mobile projects. We offer our QA consulting services for products that are either in development or already launched. We ensure that they have no bugs and fully satisfy the design requirements.