Enterprise IT Solutions

At United Perfectum, we help enterprise clients from around the world save time and money by optimizing their IT workflow and eliminate errors. Whether you need to analyze your work processes, build custom software, or even re-engineer your legacy enterprise systems, we are here to get it done.

Enterprise application software (EAS) is geared towards fulfilling the needs of a business, rather than individual users. Enterprise solutions generally provide a comprehensive view of the information created within an organization and the processes that generate them.

Our Enterprise IT Solutions

We provide our enterprise customers with top-notch IT solutions that include:

  • Custom CRMs and integration
  • Standalone applications
  • Metric tracking
  • Reporting dashboards
  • E-commerce systems development

Remove barriers to growth with United Perfectum. We develop standard and custom enterprise software solutions that will expand your business.

Custom software solutions for your business

United Perfectum enterprise application solutions will propel you to become more successful and more profitable.

Every company is complex. Each has its own unique set of goals and challenges. One solution will not fit all. It has to be customized.

Enterprise application integration

United Perfectum specializes in helping manufacturers and e-commerce, distribution, and healthcare enterprises to integrate software applications in their business. Such integrations might be:


Enterprise Application Integration

In a B2B integration, this is used to implement CRM systems and back-end applications.


Cloud and Platform Integration

Used to sort, process and store data more efficiently and to make it more reliable.


Data Integration

This is for Big Data processing and determining the meta-data model.

We build custom business software solutions

United Perfectum's business enterprise solutions propel companies to even greater success and promote a rapid return on investment. We specialize in:

  • Working with legacy systems
  • Industrial business domains coverage
  • Intellectual property

To learn more about our Enterprise IT Solutions, please contact us.