DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations into one. The idea is to integrate business users, developers, test engineers, and system administrators into a single workflow to meet customer requirements.

The fast-paced modern world requires businesses and organizations to make rapid decisions. Nowadays, what is important is to speed up implementation and delivery of projects without sacrificing quality.

United Perfectum will help you successfully implement DevOps


With DevOps, you will get:

  • More stable operating environments
  • Development and release processes with no downtime
  • Quick feedback loop from users (metrics, monitoring)
  • Close-knit, productive, highly-engaged team of specialists

With DevOps, we will get:

  • Design and set up your server or virtual environment
  • Automate repeatable jobs and processes
  • Organize your repositories
  • Troubleshoot your deployment process
  • Assist in product/software releases

What type of companies will benefit from this service?

  • IT companies that want to speed up development, testing and other procedures
  • Companies that want to strengthen the communication and collaboration among departments, particularly development and operations
  • Companies that have implemented the Agile methodology and have benefited from it
  • Firms that aim to increase delivery capabilities
  • Companies that are implementing a mission-critical factor