Big Data Services

Businesses run on data. But not every company knows or can access the expertise that can transform unstructured data into actionable insights that can unlock new potential and innovations.

Our big data team, supported by technology specialists and data scientists, can access, manage and uncover previously hidden insights. Make smarter decisions. Understand and anticipate the needs of customers and competitors, with the support of the United Perfectum Big Data team.

Big data solutions can make a huge impact on a company

Here are a few ways we know big data could make a difference to your organization:

Problems that were difficult or impossible to solve before are now manageable. You can analyze all your data – not just a subset of it – more extensively, iteratively and frequently.

Make better business decisions in a fraction
of the time.

Better analysis and better data, alongside faster processing times, generate real business value.
The ability to bring more data sets together, run a deeper analysis and deliver faster answers will significantly improve your services.

Big data analytics will help you capitalize on a wider array of new data sources, capture data in real-time, analyze all the data instead of sample subsets, apply more sophisticated analytics, and get answers in minutes that previously took days or weeks.

Some of the industries that are starting to benefit from big data solutions include:

  • Banking and Investments
  • Insurance
  • Public Sector Services
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Industrial and Natural Resources
  • Transportation

Big data implementation plans, or road maps, will be different depending on your business goals, the maturity of your data management environment, and your sectors risk or compliance management process. We can work with you by taking into account all the issues that will allow you to determine an implementation roadmap.

When it comes to big data, whatever you can imagine we can deliver