QA Services

You have planned, designed, developed and already have a first version? Great!
Now who’s going to check if everything is working properly?
Our QA team consists of manual testing and automated testing teams. Large staff located in Ukraine that produces quality checks and reports, and complete documentation.
You are in the right place

Why us

  • Hundreds of successful projects
  • An international company with a local entity in Israel
  • Fast & High quality service at affordable rates
  • Manual QA service
  • Automatic QA service
  • Full documentation of any test
  • Large range of devices, browsers and operating systems.

How we work

A multidisciplinary team that includes top-notch testing team, personal project manager, and Israeli manager.
Web Usability and Web Applications Usability QA Services across all existing devices, operating systems, and screen sizes.
Automated QA services in all programming languages including existing scripts for many systems.
We prepares a comprehensive testing program, examines and reports to your development and management team

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